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Natural Math parent bingo: Card1

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Stories to go with Card1

  • A2: Two Hotel Infinities can fit into one building; an infinite sum can be finite.

Ideas and stories for Card2

Do you notice how kids...

  • ...Get sad when metaphors (stories, roleplay) are replaced with pattern, property and other formal work too early? (Chimera activity and grid sorting)
  • ...Have to touch objects to talk math about them? (apple math)
  • ...Strive to find a hard, challenging example, problem, puzzle?
  • ...TIMTOWTDI: find out that There Is More Than One Way To Do It (Mike's loom story, drawing squares in different ways, making hearts in different ways)
  • ...burst into chanting snippets of math they find lovely or valuable?
  • ..."play lawyer" with words, paying extra careful attention to details of descriptions and definitions?
  • ...intrinsically include math concepts into a roleplay?
  • ...Can't perform even mundane tasks after prolonged crying, extreme joy, love and other strong emotions?
  • ...Are happy to embrace algebra once counting becomes too tedious?
  • ...Keep the repeating pattern or structure for a while, then break it just to do something differently?

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