Modern Warfare 2 Problem Set

Chris S made these math problems, and funny stick figure diagrams, as a part of his pre-algebra work. Maria D helped to edit the problems. It is somewhat challenging to make up problems about games, because they have to be realistic in-game and for the player. For example, is it realistic to run half a foot a second? Chris and Maria had to step outside and measure Chris's running speed to find out!

1)The commando perk allows you to lunge 4 feet more when you melee.The feet you run per second are 10. How long would it take you to get to a target 25 ft away?
2)The AA-12 shoots 2 shots per second with a 2 second reload time and can only hold 12 shots at a time without reloading. How much time would it take to shoot 28 shots? What about extended mags, which adds 10 bullets to a magazine and 20 bullets overall?
3)Danger close increases your explosive range of 4 ft: it doubles it. A grenade must travel 27 ft before it explodes. How far can the enemy be away from the grenade, for the grenade to still kill?
4)The average health on COD 6 is 100 and each bullet in your ACR does 30 damage per second with a magazine of 36 shots and a reload time of 3 seconds. How many shots would it take to kill? Would you have to reload? How quick would it kill if each bullet's damage was doubled?
5)The average health on COD 6 is 100. You have last stand on with painkiller. Painkiller gives you +60 health and last stand gives you +20. How long would it take to be killed with an ACR?
6)A Predator missile is going 5 ft a second. The group below are all moving away at 9 ft per second. What range does the predator missile need to get a multi-kill? What if the people are moving twice as fast? What if you have danger close on when you use the predator missile?
7)A bullet from an Barret .50 cal takes .5 seconds to hit its mark, with a damage of 90, with a reload time of 2 seconds, with a reload after every shot. While a WA 2000 takes .2 seconds to hit its mark, with a damage of 70, with a reload time of .5 seconds. Assuming the enemy has 100 health, which would kill faster? What if the Barrett did double damage? What if the person you were shooting had painkiller?