Intern Jobs

To claim a job, write your name and date you plan to finish next to it. You can work with friends. Use if you don't already have picture editing software. Note the time the job took you, so we can estimate difficulty of future tasks. If you do not know how to do a task but would like to develop these skills, you are welcome to claim it - we will help you learn.

Once you write your name, I will contact you with details. If you want to volunteer to be an intern, contact me:

Name and date
Multiple people
Job type
Requires f2f presence
Finished and accepted
Kyle Mellendorf

Digital art

Make funny mathy characters in 48 by 48 icons for the Natural Math site. Be creative and artistic, silly is ok. Have characters in several styles and types. These are icons in the Members area on

Kelley Akers

Digital art

Make a 100 by 100 icon and a 100 by 400 banner including the icon for the Math 2.0 Interest Group site. The banner must have words "Math 2.0 Interest Group." The concepts that can be expressed: math (no numbers please - something advanced), networking, communities, social media, programming. The Group and its current lame banner are at

kyle mellendorf

Wiki edits

Make the list of webinars look consistent on Namely: date, event name in bold, host name, host affiliation, track link. You will have to fish affiliations out of host descriptions on their pages.

Kaitlin Porter, Kyle Mellendorf

Digital art edits, Wiki edits

Make a 100 by 100 (or smaller) icon for every community participating in Math 2.0 webinars Put icons and the name of the webinar's host in the table on this page: The icon must be linked to the community. You can see an example of what to do with Natural Math there. Most communities already have icons or banners, but you may need to resize or crop them.


Live interaction

Call Cary Homeschoolers families and ask one short question for an article. Record, then transcribe the answers.

Kaitlin Porter
Digital art edits

Crop, enhance and resize Math Club photos. The finished size must be 100-600 in width and height, in multiples of 50. Groups of photos with the same name (e.g. "Infinity_05032010_1.jpg, Infinity_05032010_2.jpg, Infinity_05032010_3.jpg") should be resized to the same size, because they often go into slide shows.


Digital art edits
Scan, enhance and resize pictures from Math Clubs. The finished size must be 72dpi and 100-600 in width and height, in multiples of 50. Groups of pictures clipped together must be given the same name (e.g. "Infinity_05032010_1.jpg, Infinity_05032010_2.jpg, Infinity_05032010_3.jpg") and resized to the same size, because they may go into a slide show. You need a scanner to do this.


Video edits

Edit, shorten, put to music and splice with pictures videos from Math Clubs. The results must be "YouTube length" (1-3 minute) snippets expressing the main idea of what happened.

Elena Koldertsova

Video shooting
May 22 10-12AM Record Scratch Day celebration and make a movie or movies about it (5 minutes or so)


Writing and multimedia stories

Create a newsletter of "What's happening in Math 2.0 communities this month" by following links to and aggregating their events. Make a list of good pages where you can find events from these communities, for example, "Art of Problem Solving" has "What's new" on its front page - easy!


Writing and multimedia stories, Wiki edits

Create a Cary Homeschooler Blogroll - follow links to people's sites and blogs and Twitter (from a list) and add snippets of what happened last month.

Laura Murray

Digital art
Make a postcard about math clubs
Laura Murray's Recommendation

Live interaction

Assisting people with web conference technology (I will teach the intern first)


Data research

Research of cool, homeschooler-friendly paper product sales channels (e.g. Whole Earth catalog, FUN books for unschoolers)