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This is the page to store Dance and Math story threads.

MathDance with Dr. Schaffer and Mr. Stern: a detailed site, a book, and a bibliography:

A quick overview of the Math in Your Feet program (see also and

Malke Rosenfeld at TEDxBloomington 2013:

Articles by Malke Rosenfeld:

Jump Patterns: Percussive Dance and the Path to Math, Teaching Artist Journal (2011) PDF DOWNLOAD
Making Math and Making Dance: A Closer Look at Integration, Teaching Artist Journal (2013) PDF DOWNLOAD

Becky Blessing's dissertation "Math Moves: A Lesson in Embodied Functions

Math Moves: A Lesson in Embodied Functions, by Becky Blessing

Rudolf Laban comes to mind with the dance and mathematics connections. He explored the geometry of moment and attitudes of the body demonstrated in the relationships and properties of polyhedra. He might be worth checking out. - Brad a square dancing resource site

A student project with miming different types of plots:

http://www.thefutureschannel. com/dockets/realworld/dancing/

A proof danced at a math conference

The following video is on the long side, but it is a great example of how to sequence movement activities to allow for exploration and discovery of the math concepts. It's also a good example of what a moving classroom looks like and variations on the standard "mirror" activity. You'll see that they start facing each other, but then start twisting their bodies, or moving side by side -- the mirror becomes a dynamic place. (Malke)